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Real dads support their children without the law telling them they have to!

Absent Father Quotes From Daughter (2)Sometimes I wonder if men and women who is well aware her man abandoned/ neglect his children feel as thought relation with “THAT” man ?!?! Continue reading…

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Baby Boy Cousin Quotes (1)Time passes and we may be apart, but cousins always stay close at heart!

Baby Boy Cousin Quotes (2)His little hands stole my heart… and His little feet ran away with it.

Baby Boy Cousin Quotes (3)

“I love these little people; and it is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us.”

― Charles Dickens

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Our family,a circle of strength and love, Founded on faith…

joined by love…

kept by God…

Together forever
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A circle of strength and love our family founded on faith, joined in love, kept in god, together forever
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Happiness Keeps You Sweet. Trials Keep You Strong. Sorrows Keep You Human. Failures Keep You Humble. And God, Keeps You Going.
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“I’m surrounded by friends and family who are not that impressed by celebrity. They don’t have any problem telling me I’m acting like an idiot or I’m not that funny.

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