Shakespeare Heartbreak Quotes (2)

Heartbreaking Quotes

Sad Heartbreak Poems (5)

Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, I feel nothing at all. I don’t know what’s worse. Drowning beneath the waves or dying from the thirst.

Heartbreak Quotes For Her (6)

“The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling just to stop the tears from falling.”

― Hiro Mashima

Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Her (3)

What hurts the most is that things will never be the same again. what hurts the most is that things will never be the same again.
Lil Wayne Heartbreak Quotes (3)

“All this bullshit made me strong motherfucker!” -Lil Wayne
Heartbreak Quotes For Her (3)

I still love you, that’s all i can feel, I still miss you, that’s all i can say.
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (5)

He ignores you but you like him. He does nothing yet you fall for him. You miss him, but he never thought about you.

Sad Heartbreak Quotes (4)

It sucks when you know that you need to let go but you can’t, because you’re still waiting for the impossible to happen.
Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (2)

“A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her”

― Marilyn Monroe

Sad Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (1)

Grab a plate and throw it on the floor. – Okay,done. – Did it break? – Yes. – Now, say sorry to it. – Sorry. – Did it go back to how it was before? – No. – Do you understand?
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (5)

True pain is like when you look into the eyes of someone you love and they look away. It hurts.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (2)

I wish that I had NEVER MET YOU...
Then there would be no need to IMPRESS YOU.
No need to WANT YOU. 
No need for LOVING YOU.
No need for CRYING OVER YOU. 
No need for HEARTBREAKS. 
No need for PAIN or TEARS.
No need for REJECTED HUGS.
No need, for everything you have done to make me FEEL LIKE ABSOULATELY NOTHING.

Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Her (4)

“I hate how we never got our chance to see what we could have been. I hate how I know I’m not over you and pretend to be. I hate how you’ve totally moved on and you have no idea I haven’t.”
Lil Wayne Heartbreak Quotes (2)

Never apologize for what you feel, that’s like saying sorry for being real.
Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Him (3)

Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (3)

“Don’t worry. You may think you’ll never get over it. But you also thought it would last forever.”

― Taylor Swift
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (1)

Humans are fragile creatures made up of broken hearts and broken promises.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (2)

How stupid of me to think I was the only flower in your garden.
Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Her (2)

True love? I used to believe it existed, but when you’ve had your heart torn out and thrown on the floor, you just don’t care anymore. . Ask me why I keep on loving.
Sad Heartbreak Poems (6)

I spent a lot of time trying to fix you,
but I never realized
that you were breaking me.
While I was putting your pieces back together,
you were ripping apart mine.
But by the time I realized it,
it was too late.

Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (1)

Here’s to the girls. The girls who don’t wear 5 trillion pounds of make up every day, who only have a few close friends, and who don’t get that boy. This is for the girls that fall for the players, jocks, nerds, losers, geeks, and worse, their best friend. The girls who have felt their heart break whether it’s because of an ex best friend or an ex boyfriend, which have loved and loved unconditionally, who wear sweatpants because they just don’t care. This is for you girls, you girls that eat food when you’re bored, who are comfortable in their own bodies, and who can memorize trillions of song lyrics, but never school related stuff. Here’s to the girls.
Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Him (2)

Isn’t it ironic, how we tell other to stay strong, yet we can’t do it ourselves.
Heartbreak Quotes (3)

Words may sting, but silence is what breaks the heart.
Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (2)

It’s hard to pretend you love someone when you don’t, but its harder to pretend that you don’t love someone when you really do.
Heartbreak Quotes For Her (2)

Sorry for caring. Sorry for trying. Sorry for it all. But most of all, I’m sorry I let you in.
Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (3)

I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I don’t think about you.
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (2)

Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them
Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Her (1)

“You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect – you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break – her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.” ~ Bob Marley
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Her (4)

I hope I cross your mind once in a while just so that I won’t feel pathetic for thinking of you all the time.
Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr For Him (1)

here’s to the night i stood alone, to the night i cried so hard i couldn’t breathe, to the night i prayed for him to come back to me, and of course to the night where he never looked back
Heartbreak Quotes (4)

Maybe one day I’ll be what you need. But don’t wait too long, because the day you want me, may be the day I’ve finally given up…
Heartbreak Quotes (1)

You can’t stop the feelings you have for someone. you can’t lie to yourself either. your heart knows the truth all too well.
Lil Wayne Heartbreak Quotes (1)

Make your move, before she’s gone. Because people change, and hearts move on.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes (5)

I’m still holding onto that little piece of hope that maybe you’ll change your mind.
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (6)

Sometimes, it’s not the person you miss. It’s the feeling you had when you were with them.
Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (3)

For Sale: One Heart. Horrible Condition. Will take anything for it. Please… Just cut it out of my chest and end this suffering.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (4)

You’re Gonna Miss Me And When You Do, You’ll Realize That You Only Have Yourself To Blame & I Hurts You Like The Pain Of You Leaving Hurt Me.

Sad Heartbreak Quotes (1)

You miss me but you’re not doing anything about it. Yep, sounds convincing.
Heartbreak Quotes For Him (3)

Nothing hurts more than watching him love another girl.
Heartbreak Quotes For Him (2)

“It may seem as the hardest thing to do, but you have to forget the guy who forgot about you.” – The Notebook
Heartbreak Quotes (2)

“The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling just to stop the tears from falling.”

― Hiro Mashima

Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (1)

I personally think the biggest heartbreak is watching someone you like, like someone else.
Heartbreak Quotes For Her (1)

Her feeling she hides.Her dreams she can’t find.She’s losing her mind,she’s falling behind She can’t find her place,she’s losing her faith.

Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (4)

Sometimes we waste too much time to think about someone who doesn’t even think about us for a second.

-Wiz Khalifa
Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (6)

“Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.”

― Violeta Parra

Heartbreak Quotes For Her (4)

I quit. im over you. i fell so hard. i was always there when you needed someone to talk to. yeah, so basically im tired of being just a friend or chasing you. so if you want me, im here, but im done wasting all my time on someone who doesn’t care.

Heartbreak Quotes (5)

I’m always the one who loves more that’s my problem.
Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (4)

Every girl has that one guy she goes back to, heartbreak after heartbreak and nobody knows why, not even her. And she just can’t let go.

Heartbreak Quotes For Him (1)

One day you’re going to wake up and notice that you should’ve tried. I was worth the fight.
Drake Heartbreak Quotes (4)

First dates are awkward, first kisses are heavenly, first loves are irreplaceable, and first heartbreaks are unforgettable.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes (6)

True Love? I used to believe it existed, but when you’ve had your heart torn out and thrown on the floor, you just don’t care anymore.. Ask me why I keep on loving.

 Kiara Sellars

Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes (4)

Crying over a guy? Nahh, pick your head up princess. Your tiara is falling.
Drake Heartbreak Quotes (5)

Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes (3)

Yeah she’s smiling. But don’t let that fool you. Look into her eyes. She’s breaking inside.
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (1)

I should never have cared. But i did care. I cared a lot. And I still fucking care.
Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (5)

Girls want good guys, but always end up falling for the wrong guy who says all the right things.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (6)

Yeah, you may talk to me, make me laugh and say the sweetest things, but how many other girls are you doing that to?
Sad Heartbreak Quotes (2)

You will never think of me the way I think of you. And that kills me everyday.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (4)

You still make me smile. Even if you’re the reason why I’m sad.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Her (6)

Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell my self I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without you.
Heartbreak Quotes For Him (4)

There are night I cry so hard that my body aches and I shake and I have to put my head in my pillow so no one hears me.

There are also nights I’m happy that you’re happy and i think everything happens for a reason.

And there are also nights where i feel nothing at all.

But there is never a night that you don’t cross my mind.
Drake Heartbreak Quotes (6)

After a break up, maybe one gets hurt more than the other, because during the relationship one falls in love more each day while the other falls out of love.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Her (2)

You caught me looking at you and I swear those three seconds I spent looking into your eyes, I saw everything I have ever dreamed of.
Sad Heartbreak Quotes For Her (3)

The first time I met you, it wasn’t love at first sight.My love for you formed gradually.Your personality,your voice,your hair,your eyes,your humor,the way you looked away and smiled…gradually it all came clear to me.You were exactly what I was looking for.

Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (2)

“Don’t lose yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t care about losing you.” ― K. Bromberg
Heartbreak Quotes For Girls (5)

She’s beautiful but she’ll never admit it. Music is her life, literally. Ask for a good song & she’ll give you five. Swears and wearing her hair down are her trademarks. She’s afraid of the dark and obsessed with her friends. When she smiles, her whole face lights up. And her heart is broken by a guy who doesn’t love her. And you know what? She actually cares.
Drake Heartbreak Quotes (2)

Sometimes it’s easier to pretend that you don’t care, than to admit it’s killing you.
Heartbreak Quotes (6)

If I Treated You, the way you treated me. You would hate me.
Drake Heartbreak Quotes (1)

Sometimes you just have to erase the messages, delete the numbers, and move on. You don’t have to forget who that person was to you: You just have to accept that they aren’t that person anymore.
Lil Wayne Heartbreak Quotes (4)

“Remember all those times I swore I needed you? Well consider them lies, because baby here I am without you and I survived.” – Lil Wayne
Getting Over Heartbreak Quotes Tumblr (5)

Why did you tell me you loved me if you didn’t mean it you fucking asshole.
Heartbreak Quotes For Guys (6)

I might hug other guys, laugh with other guys, or hang out with other guys…but none of them will ever mean to me as much as you do.
Lil Wayne Heartbreak Quotes (6)

I don’t want a broken heart, cause I’ll lose all the pieces.

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